Glow balloonz will light up any party. We are the official distributor of the highest quality LED balloons called ‘Glow Balloonz’. A small LED on the top of the balloon can be activated by pulling out a small activator strip, once this is done your glow balloonz will stay alight for 15 hours, sometimes longer. You can inflate glow balloonz with air or helium.

Birando are the leaders in supplying party products to the US. We have innovative and exciting products and we are very pleased to be adding the best-selling brand of LED flashing balloons and light up balloons called ‘glow balloonz’ to our range. We guarantee that you will love them.

LED Balloons measure air quality

Glow Balloonz recently came across an interesting using of glowing LED Balloons to measure air quality. A group of clever students from Carnegive Mellon University came up with a DIY project that enables you to measure the air quality around your property and seeing as it made use of glowing balloons naturally it peaked our […]

Welcome to Glow Balloonz from Birando

Glow balloons will be availble through Birando and are a must for any Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s party. Please see for more information.